Custom Foil Stamping & Hot Foil Printing Capabilities

Foil stamping is also referred to as hot foil printing because in a way it can be thought of as a printing process that uses heated foil instead of ink. You can learn more about the foil stamping process here. While foil stamping can be used for a variety of applications, at Merchology it is used exclusively for customizing notebooks and journals.


Custom Foil Stamped Journal with Logo


Custom Foil Stamped Products Include…

Applications of Foil Stamped Products

When to Use Foil Printing as a Decoration Method

  • You are customizing notebooks or journals – foil stamping is a great decoration method for notebooks and journals. It can make logos or designs pop by adding a glossy or metallic finish.
  • The material you’re decorating is flat – custom foil stamping can only be performed on flat surfaces.
  • You are adding a logo to a dark surface – a foil stamped logo can have a shiny and metallic finish to stand out on a dark surface.
  • You want to provoke a sense of luxury – the silver or gold finished that can be achieved with custom foil stamping can make an ordinary product look luxurious.

Foil Stamped Notebook with Custom Design


When Should I Consider a Different Decoration Method?

  • You are using heat sensitive material – foil stamping cannot be used if the material being used can’t be exposed to high temperatures or if heat-sensitive decoration like ink has already been added. This means hot foil printing cannot be used in conjunction with many decoration types.
  • You want your design to withstand a lot of wear and tear – if you are decorating a product that is going to be handled frequently, then foil stamping might not be the best choice. The foil can chip off or peel away if you are rough with it. One way to remedy this is by using foil stamping in conjunction with debossing to protect the design.
  • You are not decorating custom notebooks or journals – foil stamping CAN be performed on other products as well, but it is only used on notebooks and journals at Merchology. Foil stamping is also not ideal for apparel or any material that needs to be washed.

What Materials can be Foil Stamped?

Technically, foil stamping can be performed on any surface that is not heat sensitive. However, it’s really reserved for paper, cardstock, and plastic because of its inability to withstand heavy use or washing. If you are looking to decorate custom apparel, consider embroidery, screen printing or heat transfer decoration techniques.

Next Steps

If you want to learn more about the hot foil printing process, check out our guide to custom foil stamping. Not sure if foil stamping is right for you? Refer to our complete Custom Decoration Methods Guide or contact us with any questions. Otherwise, go ahead and start shopping for your custom foil stamped notebooks!