Custom Debossing Capabilities & Applications

Debossing is a decoration type most commonly used on custom accessories and promotional products. Debossing is accomplished by imprinting a custom design or company logo below the original surface of the product; not to be confused with embossing, in which the design is raised from the original surface. Check out our complete guide to custom debossing for more details on how we use debossing to apply your logo to a variety of custom accessories.

Deboss Logo on Custom Notebooks

Custom Debossing Options Include…

Leather Wallet with Custom Debossed Logo

Debossing Applications

When to use Debossing as a Decoration Method

  • You are decorating leather – debossing is our go-to decoration type for adding custom logos and designs to leather products!
  • You want a design with depth – the 3D embedded design that is achieved through debossing gives your product both dimensional depth and texture. Debossing can also be used in conjunction with printing or foil stamping for added design flair!
  • You want to make a product look more elegant – debossing can take a custom accessory to another level in terms of sophistication and class. Debossed logos tend to be more simple and elegant than noisy.
  • You want your design to last forever – debossing creates a truly permanent design that will last just as long as the product you are decorating.

Custom Debossed Corporate Padfolio with Company Logo

When Should I Consider a Different Decoration Method?

  • You are using a colorful design – debossing is more often than not done without any added color, using the depth of the press to outline the design. Debossing can also be done with ink as well, although it is recommended that you stick to black and white inks. If you want to use a lot of colors consider heat transfer or screen printing.
  • Your logo or design contains intricate details – some detail can be lost in the debossing process, making it not ideal for highly detailed designs and logos.
  • You want your design to cross boarders – debossed designs do not work well across seams, hems or zippers.
  • You prefer your logo or design to be raised rather than lowered – if you want your design to be raised from the original surface then embossing is the decoration method for you. Check out our breakdown of the pros, cons, and differences between emboss vs. deboss as a decoration technique.

What Materials can I Deboss?

In terms of custom decoration debossing is typically reserved for leather accessories and apparel like wallets, padfolios, luggage tags, briefcases and custom leather accents on promotional products like speakers and corporate gift sets. However, debossing can also be used on paper and cardstock materials, like those used in custom notebooks and journals. Because of the heat associated with the debossing process, it is not recommended to deboss fabrics or plastics.

Debossed Leather Coasters with Custom Corporate Logo

Next Steps

Once you’re familiar with debossing and know what we deboss here at Merchology you can get started with shopping for your custom debossed accessories. Check out our complete Custom Decoration Methods Guide to see how else we can decorate custom apparel and gifts for your business or contact us if you have any custom decoration questions!