How to Clean Sherpa Sweaters and Blankets


How to Clean Sherpa Sweaters and Blankets

How to Care for Sherpa

If you’re anything like us, you love your custom sherpa blankets and sweaters. There’s not much better than warming up on a cold day with one of the softest, coziest materials there is. Your sherpa sweaters and blankets have been there for you when you needed them most, but when it comes to care and cleaning, how do you care for them

When it comes to special material like sherpa wool, it’s often hard to even guess its washing instructions. Often, we just let it go unwashed until a tragic spill or messy mishap forces us to reckon with our lack of sherpa knowledge. Really, most of us don’t even know what sherpa wool is, let alone whether it should be dry-cleaned only. Well, we’re here at Merchology to answer your essential custom sherpa questions!

What is the Difference Between Fleece and Sherpa? 

 Sherpa, like fleece, is a material that is brushed to create a pile effect. When looking at photos, the two materials look very similar. Sherpa material, however, is a two-sided fabric with a soft pile on one side and a smooth, thin knit on the other. Sherpa is typically used as a lining, whereas fleece is used as a fabric on its own. Fleece material is typically synthetic, made of polyester, although it can also be made from cotton or other natural fibers. It is brushed to become fluffy, creating a wooly texture. 

Where Does Sherpa Material Come From?

Is sherpa synthetic? Is it natural? While easily mistaken for wool and lambskin, sherpa material is actually synthetic. This is good news for both you and the sheep: it’s cheaper than real wool as well as vegan-friendly and animal cruelty-free. It’s typically made from polyester, though sometimes it’s made of cotton (or a blend of the two). 

How to Clean Sherpa Blankets and Sweaters

Luckily, the washing instructions for custom logo sherpa sweaters and blankets are even less labor-intensive than wool washing instructions, too. Like wool, you can wash sherpa wool in the washing machine on a cool or cold cycle. Unlike wool, you can dry sherpa wool in your dryer. Just be sure to use a cool, gentle setting. Air drying is the safest way to dry your custom sherpa products. 

How to Restore Matted Sherpa

If you’ve known the joys of custom sherpa products, you also know that sherpa wool can become matted. Luckily, this isn’t irreversible—you can make custom sherpa sweaters and blankets soft again! The first thing you can do to fluff up your custom sherpa product is to use vinegar. When you wash your sherpa, swap your laundry detergent for vinegar. Not only will vinegar freshen odor and help remove stains, but it will also help to fluff up your sherpa products by loosening the clumps that form. 

You can also remove clumps from sherpa blankets and sweaters by brushing them out. While the blanket is still damp, brush in circles with a gentle brush. 

Another method you can use to fluff up your custom sherpa products is to fill a spray bottle with water and add 1-2 tablespoons of fabric softener. Lightly dampen your sherpa product and brush using the method mentioned above. Many people prefer to use a bristle brush when brushing out sherpa material. 

Spot Treating Sherpa Blankets and Sweaters

When the inevitable spill occurs, don’t fret! Simply wet the stained area, rub out the stain with a bit of dish soap, rinse, and air dry! 

Now that you know not only how to clean sherpa, but how to restore matted sherpa, we want to show you some of our favorite custom sherpa items, including custom sherpa jackets, full-zips, and, of course, blankets!

Custom Sherpa Jacket: Custom Eddie Bauer Full-Zip Sherpa Fleece Jacket

Not only will the logo branded Eddie Bauer Men’s Steel Full-Zip Sherpa Fleece Jacket keep you warm, but its athletic design offers a perfect solution to an active outdoor lifestyle, even in cooler months. This custom sherpa jacket also has a matching Women’s Fit, so your whole team can enjoy its warmth and versatility! We’ll add your logo to the sleeve or chest. 


Custom Eddie Bauer Men's Steel Full-Zip Sherpa Fleece Jacket

Custom Zip-Up Sherpa: Logo-Branded Columbia Women’s Fire Side II Sherpa Full-Zip

Sometimes, the cozy work-from-home days sound good when you’re sitting in a chilly office. Well, we have the perfect solution: the logo branded Columbia Women’s Fire Side II Sherpa Full-zip! This custom zip-up sherpa jacket is the perfect add-on layer—just zip it on and go! The best part? This sherpa feels like wearing a blanket, so you can bring the comfort of working from home into the office! Adding your logo to the sleeve or chest will make this jacket an awesome company Christmas gift for your team!


Logo-Branded Columbia Women's Fire Side II Sherpa Full-Zip

Custom Sherpa Blanket: Custom Port Authority Sherpa Blanket

Looking for a high-quality, cozy outdoor sherpa blanket? Look no further! The Port Authority Sherpa Blanket will keep you warm and comfortable even when the temperature dips. Add your company’s logo and gift these custom sherpa blankets to your team, whether it’s for the holidays or just chilly weather! A custom sherpa blanket is a gift well suited for fall company events, too!  

Custom Port Authority Plaid Flannel Sherpa Blanket

Need More Choices?

Not seeing exactly what you need? At Merchology, we have plenty more custom sherpa product options! Shop custom sherpa hoodies, custom sherpa quarter-zip sweatshirts, custom sherpa hats, and more! We also have multiple variations and alternatives to the products above!


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