TLC Wellness Corporate Gift Set

Help employees relax after a long day with the custom logo TLC Wellness corporate gift set

Take Care with the Wellness Company Gift Box

Taking care of your employees mental health and wellness is important no matter the industry. Remote employees in particular might feel separate from the group. One of the best ways to welcome new employees is to present the team with comforting, thoughtful gifts. Our TLC Wellness MerchBox is the perfect collection of items to give to a brand new team member or a veteran employee in need of a pick me up.

Each of Merchology’s MerchBoxes are carefully curated to fit a specific theme and we’re also able to modify the contents to best fit your team’s need and budget. Since we’re Merchology, we do provide options for logo branding and customization for most individual items in the MerchBox! Our custom employee wellness gift box has thoughtful, mellow gifts that encourage your employees to sit back and relax after a day of hard work. Let’s take a look at this box’s contents to see if it’s the right fit for your team.

Let your company garden grow with custom plant growing kits for employees

Turn that Green Thumb Lavender

Taking care of plants is a nice quiet hobby to pick up when everything is moving at 100mph. For new hires especially, learning the ins and outs of a new job can be hectic. Modern Sprout Seek Peace Take Care Kit is an all in one plant growing kit! Growing plants can seem like a daunting task but greenhorn green thumbs need not worry, all you need to do is add water. As the plant grows let the calming scent of lavender fill the room. The kit also comes with a meditation hourglass and an essential oil roller to fill with whatever scent best suits you. The pot for the Lavender is customizable with your company’s logo making it an excellent addition to your custom TLC wellness gift box.

Gift your employees a custom logo-branded blankets to keep your team cozy and comfortable

Keeping Cozy

Sometimes your mental comfort can be boosted by physical comfort, that’s why we added the Port Authority Marshmallow Ultra Plush Blanket to our Merchology self-care gift set. Each blanket is made of 100% polyester and comes in a variety of colors and styles; they can also be decorated with your company’s logo! Give this blanket to your team to cozy up on their couch at home or as a give away at your company’s next outdoor event.

From a cup of tea to warm coffee in the morning, help make things easier with custom camp mugs

Fancy a Cup?

One of life’s great comforts is a nice warm beverage when it’s needed most. Give your team members the perfect cup with the MiiR Basal Powder Vacuum Insulated Camp Cup. Keep the spirits up and temperatures high with this cup’s special Thermo 3D Double Wall Vacuum Insulation Technology. Your drinks can stay hot up to 12 hours and stay cool for a whole 24 hours! These products come in a variety of colors and can be customized with your company’s logo. What looks better than a valued employee drinking out of a stylish mug representing your company! The cup’s sealable lid is great for preventing spills both in the office or at a work-at-home space.

shop custom letterboards for your company's desks

Spell it out for me

Positive reinforcement is one of the surefire ways to provide encouragement and improve attitude. Provide your team with a way to give that message to themselves with the SnugZ Light Grey Cipher Wood Frame with Plastic Letter Board. This is a super fun and unique item that your recipient can use to spruce up their working space. Each board is eligible to be laser engraved with your logo and comes with durable white letters so your team can cheer themselves with their favorite phrase or cheer. These boards are also great advertising tools to promote your brand’s message. Team members are sure to love this unique gift to express themselves publicly.

Help your employees remember things easier and work through thoughts quicker with logo-branded journals and notebooks

A Book for Your Books

Expressing yourself publicly is great for building camaraderie and communication but sometimes you need to be alone with your thoughts. That’s why Merchology included the Moleskine Steel Blue Passion Journal to round out our logo-branded wellness kit. Journaling and jotting down thoughts is proven to be beneficial to mental health and Moleskine is the top name in journaling. Here at Merchology we want to provide the most premium brands for your team members. This journal is specifically designed to take notes for book readers. Encourage your team to sit down with a good book and jot down their notes. This journal can even be used to encourage company wide book clubs or reading activities! This beautiful blue book can be decorated with your company’s logo via debossing or foil stamp.

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Our corporate TLC Wellness MerchBox is a great gift idea for your next purchase. If you’re not fully convinced did you know that you can modify our custom company gift boxes to better suit your needs? Contact a Merchologist today to inquire about changing colors, missing items or even budgetary needs! We even provide the option to deliver to individual employees doors; a much welcome service with so many people working remote. Call a Merchologist today to get the perfect logo-branded TLC gift set for your team!