Welcome to the NEW blog of Merchology (formerly known as Corporate Direct Apparel)! We figured with a new name and brand, it would be a great time to make some other fun changes too – like starting a blog. What can you expect to find here going forward? We consider ourselves the “experts” of corporate swag, so we want to show you the latest and greatest trends, brands, and products in this space. Bookmark this page or subscribe to our feed now so you don’t miss any exciting updates!

Why the company name change?

We thought it was time for a new, fresh, and more modern brand… for a couple of reasons. First, we will soon be expanding our product offering beyond apparel, in which case “Corporate Direct Apparel” as a name doesn’t quite cover it. Soon you’ll be able to put your logo on even MORE great brands and products! Second, we want a brand that reflects our fun company culture and also our promise to you – to bring you the brands you love with uncompromising product quality and selection. We’ll continue doing that with the very best customer service and the EASIEST customer ordering experience.

What does Merchology mean, and am I saying it correctly?

noun | Mur-chol-uh-jee | the art or skill of preparing custom apparel and gifts

Merchandise is defined as manufactured goods, bought and sold, while “-ology” is the study of any science or branch of knowledge. Add these together, and you have the knowledge or science of merchandise. Mixologists behind a bar prepare something special for their patrons, uniquely suited to their customers’ tastes. That’s what we do at Merchology – we help our customers create something unique, where the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. Think your logo + the brands you love. It’s pure brand awesomeness.

So… what is NOT changing?

Our company ownership has not changed, nor have our values as a company. We will continue to only offer the best brands and our uncompromising dedication to product quality, selection, and embroidery. Our goal is still to make ordering swag easy for you… and even fun! Also, if you have placed an order with us before, we still have all of your information and logo on file, ready to go for your next order. If you have ANY questions – don’t hesitate to instant message, email, or call one of our Merchologists (the new title for our AWESOME customer service reps!). We look forward to doing business with you in 2015!

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