How Do You Wash lululemon Leggings?

When choosing your logo-branded merch for 2023 and beyond, it’s important to pay attention to the latest trends in corporate gifting. Sustainability is now one of the most important considerations for consumers. Your employees and clients care about the future of the planet, so they prefer custom gifts that are long-lasting and useful. Custom leggings from lululemon are an example of high-quality apparel that recipients will love to wear.

Product longevity is a key principle of sustainability. When clothing items wear out quickly, they add to landfill waste. Replacing those items with new products uses energy and resources.
According to IFL Science, “by enhancing the lifespan of clothes by an extra nine months, their waste, carbon, and water footprints can decrease by 20-30 percent.”

Taking good care of your clothes, such as your logo-branded lululemon apparel, is an important part of living a sustainable lifestyle. Because when your clothing lasts longer, you decrease your impact on the planet.

Below, we’ll explain how to wash your lululemon leggings to maximize their lifespan. We’ll also discuss why corporate lululemon gear makes great gifts for your employees, clients, and customers.


Why Are lululemon Leggings So Popular?

Why Are lululemon Leggings Popular?

Custom lululemon is a top choice for branded gifts for one simple reason: lululemon makes great products.

Their leggings are known for outperforming and outlasting other brands due to their superior quality:

  • Lululemon leggings are more resistant to tears and holes.
  • They offer maximum comfort and mobility for workouts or everyday wear.
  • They’re available in a wide variety of colors, fabrics, and styles.
  • You can coordinate them with other workout gear from the brand.
  • Unlike many leggings, they are not see-through

Lululemon leggings are beloved custom gifts, and recipients will want to properly care for them so they will last as long as possible.

Lululemon Leggings Washing Instructions

Knowing how to correctly clean lululemon leggings will help them last through years of regular wear.  

Thankfully, lulumon’s care instructions are simple:

  • You can machine wash your Lululemon leggings!
  • Choose cold water for your wash.
  • Turn your leggings inside out when washing
  • Lay your leggings out flat to air dry.

Other tips include washing bright-colored leggings alone for their first wash and avoiding fabric softener for all sweat-wicking materials.


Get Custom lululemon Leggings

How to Get Custom lululemon Leggings 

At Merchology, we offer a selection of premium brands for custom gifts, including lululemon! That means that we can add your corporate logo to lululemon gear for your employees and clients. Logo-branded lululemon apparel are also great social media giveaways.

Lululemon gifts have a wide variety of uses: yoga and pilates, running, strength training, workout classes, and more! They also help your remote team members stay comfortable while working from home.


Get Custom lululemon Leggings

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