Did you know that fifty-five percent of workers say they’d ditch their jobs for a company that clearly recognized employees for their efforts? (Source: Fast Company) Furthermore, more than half of all workers feel unappreciated in the workplace and, as a result, another 41 percent don’t feel motivated. (Monster.com survey) How do you show your appreciation for your staff? The holidays are the perfect time to show your respect, and we can help with that.

First and foremost make sure you use the magic words. Something as simple as a verbal “Thank You” can mean a lot to your team, especially when they go above and beyond for your company. Take it a step further and make your remark extra meaningful and worthwhile by saying your employee's name, and if it’s someone you don’t see all the time, check in and see how they are doing. Ask your employee if they need anything from you and wish them a good day. Taking time out of your busy day to make these authentic and genuine remarks will cultivate a healthy work environment and show recognition for work well done.

Another more in-depth way to make sure your employees feel valued is to distribute a satisfaction survey. This survey can cover a variety of topics but can also add value to owners and executive staff members by shedding light on how employees feel and allow the company to properly address any issues. While these surveys could be done over the phone or online, we suggest having an HR person meet directly with employees one and one. This is a great alternative that allows for deeper conversation that can revolve around their goals, challenges, and ideas for what could be improved.

The holidays are also a great time to get your employees a more meaningful and thoughtful gift that will defy the typical boring corporate gifts. Find out their interests and get them something that matches their personalities in the best way possible. Sunglasses, golf accessories, and camping gear are all great places to start. Check out our broad collection of gifts and accessories for more inspiration. Showing appreciation with a unique company branded gift will go a long way.

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