March 18th is Global Recycling Day

Celebrate Global Recycling Day 2022

As the snow begins to melt away and the sun returns to brighten our growing days, Merchology looks forward to taking part in Global Recycling Day 2022! Now in its 5th year, Global Recycling Day aims to encourage everyone to shop responsibly, reuse items wisely, and recycle as much as we can. March 18th is a day of action for everyone to put the planet first and view recyclables as a resource.

After facing the hottest decade on record, the Global Recycling Foundation founded Global Recycling Day in 2018 to fight against climate change and assist with the UN Sustainable Development Goals 2030. From sorting the recyclables in our workplaces and schools to switching over to custom reusable drinkware such as water bottles and tumblers; companies across the world are stepping up to do their part.

Ways to Volunteer on Global Recycling Day 2022

  • Make recycling bins readily available and clearly labelled for easy in-office use
  • Repurpose glass jars and metal containers around your desk
  • Use long-lasting cutlery and plates in the office dining area
  • Flatten and recycle all cardboard boxes
  • Use cloth napkins and hand towels


Learn more about how your company or organization can help with Global Recycling Day 2022


Shop Sustainable Company Merch

One way to lower waste company-wide is to provide your employees, partners, and clients with sustainable corporate gifts that can eliminate disposable pieces such as plastic water bottles, plastic bags, disposable cutlery, and more. Logo-branded reusable water bottles can keep your crew hydrated while preventing plastic bottles from stacking up. Sustainable and reusable tote bags and corporate lunch bags can also help prevent plastic sandwich bags, disposable shopping bags, and carry out dishes from being needed day-to-day.

Another great option to support recycled goods is to shop custom recycled apparel and merchandise for everyone on your team! By financially supporting companies that are finding ways to reuse recycled materials in progressive ways, we are moving away from the fast-fashion and wasteful world into a more eco-friendly and forward-thinking way!

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Whether you're planning a recycling party for your company to celebrate or you're looking for sustainable company apparel and merch to commemorate the occasion; Merchology has you covered! Reach out to a Merchologist today to find a great fit for your crew or read through the How to Plan an Employee Eco-Challenge to learn tips for a great corporate event this spring!