In 2017, Merchology proudly joined 1% For the Planet to live out one of our company values of giving back to the community, and specifically to making the world a healthier place. Our commitment is to give back 1% of revenue on all sales of Patagonia product. Why Patagonia? We learned about 1% For the Planet from Patagonia, as their founder Yvon Chouinard also co-founded the 1% organization. Yvon’s belief is that businesses have a responsibility to treat the earth as a shareholder and to commit resources to restoring and protecting the environment. Their passion for the environment is simply contagious!

Joining was just the first step. Next up was the fun part – choosing the partner non-profits to donate to, from our 2017 sales! Through a company-wide vote, our employees selected two awesome organizations: Recycle Across America and Mississippi Park Connection. We can’t wait to give back financially, but also to get involved through volunteering!

Recycle Across America: This organization is dedicated to rolling out a society-wide labeling system for recycling bins, making it EASY and accessible to recycle. People are confused about recycling labels and what can/cannot be recycled, so RAA has created a standardized labeling system that will reduce the amount of garbage thrown in recycling bins. Where these labels are used, recycling levels increase 50-100% and significantly reduce contamination levels. This non-profit is based in Minneapolis, but they serve communities and organizations all across the US. A super cool fun fact – these labels are even used at US Bank Stadium, where the 2018 Super Bowl was just hosted. Let’s make these standardized labels a trend!

Mississippi Park Connection: This organization focuses on educating people about and introducing them to the Mississippi River, which runs from Minnesota down to the Gulf of Mexico, touching 10 total states along the way. Their mission is to help keep the river clean and rich with wildlife, while serving as a model for operating a national park in an urban area (the Twin Cities) where people are part of the landscape. We want to protect and restore the environment, but also enjoy it, right? We can’t wait to work “hands on” with this group in our very own backyard!

Check back here for more updates regarding our partnership with 1% For The Planet. If you’d like more information, visit our last blog post about this incredible organization!