With the holiday season quickly approaching, it’s time to talk about what’s trending in 2017 in the world of corporate gifts. It's not good enough to just "check the box"... you want to give a gift that your employees and clients will LOVE and remember! However, we're the first to admit that the selection of options out there can be daunting. As a result, we’ve highlighted some of our customer-favorite bags, drinkware, and accessories that are currently flying off the shelves here at Merchology. From matte colors, to natural fabrics, to rustic old-fashioned looks, this season's trends make these products sure-fire hits. Let’s dive in!


Matte Finishes for Drinkware:

You heard it here first, people -- matte finishes are A MUST. There’s something about a classic matte finish that catches the eye in drinkware, and it could be because we've seen nothing but shiny stainless steel in this category for YEARS. Matte drinkware is muted yet distinctive, and its subdued background can really set the stage to help your company logo stand out. Matte is a trend that is present beyond drinkware - we've seen it on consumer electronics, kitchen appliances, and furniture, to just name a few. Be an early adopter of this trend this holiday season! 

Highlighted matte drinkware products to consider:

Aviana Matte Black Vale Double Wall Stainless Pint-16oz.

ETS Matte Black Polar Stainless Steel Tumbler 20.9 oz


Cotton & Natural Fabrics for Bags:

Looking for more of a laid-back, yet elegant design for this year's gift? We’ve got you covered. Natural fabric bags give off a cozy and inviting feeling, not to mention an eco-friendly vibe. Simple, soft colors and clean lines are definitely in right now, which are delivered by bags like these. Wool and cotton fabrics, neutral colors, and modern materials will give you and your gift recipients that casual and approachable look that everyone loves.

Highlighted cotton and natural fabric bags to consider:

Gemline Natural Russel Cotton Backpack

Field & Co. Charcoal Campster Wool 15" Rucksack Backpack

Heritage Supply Natural/Navy Catalina Cotton Tote


Packable Bags:

Is there anything more satisfying than being able to fit all of your essentials into one compact place? I think not! These backpacks give just enough storage space to hold all of your on-the-go items. However, the best part about them is that when you're NOT using them, you can pack them away into smaller containers to minimize the space they take up. Packables are gaining popularity in travel, where storage space often comes at a premium. They’re lightweight, easy to carry, and can hold practically everything you could ever need on your next adventure. Win-win-win!

Brookstone Black Dash Packable Travel Backpack

Gemline Red Express Packable Backpack

PopSockets Phone Holders:

PopSockets are the hottest new tech trend if you own a smartphone (which, at this point, doesn't pretty much everybody in Corporate America?). "What the heck is a PopSocket?!", you may be asking. We prefer to think of them as more than just a simple, plastic contraption that sticks to the back of your phone. We think of them as the ultimate selfie assist, as the circle socket "pops out", and allows you to hold your phone with just one hand. We all want to avoid the dreaded screen smash, right? You can also pop the socket out to use it as a stand for your phone on any flat surface, which is particularly useful for watching videos or FaceTiming. Trust us - once you have one, you won’t be able to live without it. Plus, they even come in rose gold, and who doesn't love rose gold?

Black PopSocket

Rose Gold PopSocket 

Now that you’ve officially been given the inside scoop on a few of the latest and greatest hard good trends, there’s no way you can go wrong when picking out a corporate gift for the 2017 holiday season. When you get down to it, it’s really not rocket science. Less is more, and simple is better: keep that product finish matte and that bag fabric simple. Staying on top of the newest trends can be time consuming, and you have a million things to do, so don't sweat it. Know that you can count on us at Merchology to give you a quick rundown of what's hot each season, and we'll even keep you in budget. Just let us know how we can help!