Sustainable Corporate Clothing Options

Sustainable Corporate Clothing Brands

Sustainable Corporate Clothing Brands 

Chances are, your company cares about the environment and wants to invest in as many eco-friendly products and services as possible. When it comes to logo-branded company clothing, such as shirts and jackets, did you know that it’s possible to select sustainable corporate clothing brands? At Merchology, we’ve partnered with a range of brands that have sustainable practices. 

Corporate responsibility and sustainability aren’t just buzzwords; they’re important issues that have risen to the forefront for many brands. To prevent climate change, it’s essential for all of us to work together. That means, in addition to doing their part to shrink their carbon footprints, companies should be taking pains to find more sustainable practices in every facet of their operations. 

From office supplies and equipment to energy-saving appliances and practices, brands have a responsibility to set an example for their employees, partners, and customers by behaving more sustainably. Read on to learn more about our sustainable partner brands. 

1. Zusa 

Zusa is a carbon-neutral clothing company with 93% of their corporate sustainable apparel line made from recycled materials. They aim to create high-performance clothing and accessories that are both comfortable and eco-friendly. Their custom Dark Lagoon Heather Itasca Polo comes in men’s and women’s sizes and makes the perfect eco-friendly custom clothing for your team.


Embroidered Zusa Men's Dark Lagoon Heather Itasca Polo

2. Tentree 

For every logo-branded sustainable clothing product sold, Tentree plants ten trees. They’re not only a Certified B Corp; they also create all their products with the Earth in mind first. Tentree is carbon neutral and ensures its products are made only with recycled and sustainably sourced materials, by workers who are provided with safe and fair working conditions. 

Want a warm outer layer for your team where you can prominently display your corporate logo? The embroidered Tentree Hi Rise Grey Space Dye Space Dye Classic Hoodie comes in men’s and women’s sizes. Its light grey fabric provides the perfect canvas for your dark- or boldly-colored corporate logo.

Custom Tentree Men's Hi Rise Grey Space Dye Space Dye Classic Hoodie

3. econscious 

econscious creates eco-friendly custom clothing and contributes to 1% For the Planet--meaning they donate 1% of sales to sustainability initiatives. They also support a number of environmental nonprofits through their sales, including Earthjustice, SEE Turtles, The Organic Center, Farm Aid, Sierra Club, and many more. You can see the full list here

Clothing by econscious is made with fabrics such as organic cotton, hemp, and recycled polyester. For a bit of extra warmth, take a look at the embroidered econscious Charcoal Organic Beanie. It’s made from 100% certified organic cotton and features your embroidered corporate logo.

Company Logo Econscious Charcoal Organic Beanie

4. Patagonia

Patagonia is one of many sustainable corporate clothing brands available at Merchology. One percent of all corporate Patagonia clothing sales go to environmental restoration and preservation as part of the 1% For the Planet initiative. Additionally, the company advocates for Environmental Justice and actively supports sustainability initiatives nationwide.

If you’d like to gift your team with corporate Patagonia apparel, we love the corporate Patagonia Feather Grey Micro D Fleece 1/4-Zip, available in men’s and women’s sizes. This fleece pullover is perfect for layering during the fall and winter months. With your logo added to the front, you’ll raise brand awareness and give your employees an easy way to advertise your company in the community.

Custom Patagonia Women's Feather Grey Micro D 1/4-Zip

5. Bellroy 

Bellroy is a Certified B Corp and one of the many brands we feature, in addition to corporate sustainable apparel. All Bellroy products are made from recycled fabrics and genuine, environmentally certified leather. They’ve dedicated themselves to influencing the leather supply chain toward more eco-friendly practices, too.

As far as logo-branded employee gifts go, we love the debossed Bellroy Black Pocket Notebook. Add your debossed corporate logo for an elegant touch. These are fantastic gifts for new hires or employees who are celebrating a work anniversary.


Debossed Bellroy Black Pocket Notebook

6. MiiR 

MiiR has committed to both measuring its emissions and reducing them to net zero by the year 2030. For each product MiiR makes, they aim to maximize their product lifespans, particularly when it comes to circularity and reusability. All MiiR products are fully recyclable, meaning that they can either be recycled commercially or put into blue bins. The company has also cut down on packaging waste in its supply chain, ensuring that packages are sustainably sourced and recyclable. 

Here at Merchology, we have a selection of sustainable bags by MiiR like the branded MiiR Black Olympus 15L Computer Backpack. This backpack has a compartment for a laptop up to 15” and plenty of space to display your corporate logo. While it’s not clothing, this wearable and eco-friendly bag is a great way to reward your employees while also caring for the environment.


Embroidered MiiR Black Olympus 15L Computer Backpack

How Do I Know Whether a Corporate Clothing Brand is Sustainable? 

Wondering how to tell whether sustainable corporate clothing brands are what they claim to be? Here are some important observations you can make: 

  • Find out what fabrics they’re using and whether they are sustainable. Hemp, recycled or organic cotton, and linen are all strong options.  
  • Take a look at their packaging materials to check for recyclable and biodegradable packaging--or packaging that’s made from recycled materials. 
  • Are they transparent regarding their sustainability and labor practices? 
  • Are they certified sustainable by a third party? For example, Tentree and Bellroy are Certified B Corps.
  • Learn about the company’s short- and long-term sustainability goals. They should be tangible, with a timeline (such as MiiR’s goal to have net zero emissions by 2030).
  • Find out where they’re located and how far they have to ship their products.
  • Look for companies that create and sell products that meet your personal values around sustainability (i.e., fair trade, vegan, eco-friendly, etc.).

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