Brand Feature: Patagonia

Chances are you already own a custom Patagonia sweater or jacket, but you’ve certainly encountered the brand before. Patagonia is one of the world’s most renowned outdoor clothing brands, and its history is rooted in adventure and environmental responsibility. The company was founded by Yvon Chouinard in 1953, and is known for sustainably made apparel and gear for both men and women.

Money Inc ranked Patagonia as the number one outdoor clothing brand recently, due to the durability, product selection and innovation, among many other qualities. Custom Patagonia clothing offers classic, high-quality styles that are great for not only the outdoors, but also the office. The assortment of both lifestyle and performance gear has resulted in Patagonia becoming one of the greatest outdoor brands of our time.

There has been a large increase in the demand for outdoor apparel and gear, and some may credit that to the Covid-19 pandemic. The desire to get outside and explore could be a result of increased time inside, due to quarantining and safety measures. Outdoor activities have been a safe way to enjoy the company of others, while engaging in physical activity and also as a means of stress relief.

The History of Patagonia

Environmental Campaigns

Patagonia is extremely passionate about saving our home planet, and has made it very clear that is the number reason why they are in business. Along with continued product innovation, they contribute a large amount of effort towards multiple different environmental campaigns. A few of these include Build Back Fossil Free, 30 by 30 Resolution to Protect Nature, and Stop Neighborhood Oil Drilling. You can check out all of their current environmental campaigns by visiting the Patagonia Action Works site.

Black Friday

In 2021, Patagonia donated $10 million from their Black Friday sales to environmental organizations. As Black Friday is the busiest shopping day of the year, Patagonia decided to take advantage of the opportunity by donating a large sum of profits to bettering the planet and fighting climate change.

Don’t Buy This Jacket Advertisement

Patagonia recently ran a campaign that urged customers to really consider the effects of consumerism on the environment, and to purchase only items they truly need. By launching a campaign with the slogan Don’t Buy This Jacket, consumers were able to think twice about whether or not they needed to make the purchase.

Patagonia is passionate about limiting waste and reducing manufacturing effects on the environment, and by inspiring their shoppers to do the same, even if it means missing out on a few sales, they are achieving their ultimate mission.

1% for the Planet

Patagonia’s founder, Yvon Chouinard, and the owner of Blue Ribbon Flies, Craig Mathews, are the creators of the 1% for the Planet organization. Patagonia has donated 1% of all company sales since 1985, totaling over $140 million in monetary donations to both domestic and international environmental programs. 1% for the Planet is a large group of businesses that have all pledged to donate 1% of their sales to the same cause; bettering our home planet.

You may recognize this name, as both Merchology and Zusa are also proud members of 1% for the Planet!

Patagonia's 1% for the Planet organization

Patagonia and Removable Decoration Methods

In an effort to increase the lifetime of their products and limit the chance of their apparel ending up in a landfill, Patagonia requires removable decoration methods when it comes to customization. These decoration methods do not permanently affect the garment, meaning the garment will never be permanently tied to the logo added.

Removable decoration methods that you can apply to your Patagonia garment include a custom zipper pull, woven tag, and a lapel pin.

Patagonia Success

Outdoor Enthusiasts

Patagonia's claim to fame is it's dedication and proven track record of success with outdoor activities. Patagonia has created products that can withstand the wear and tear of things like mountain biking, deep sea fishing, hiking on tough terrain, climbing, trail running and much more. If durability and sustainability are two of your top requirements when it comes to your gear, Patagonia is certainly a top contender. 

Business Casual Apparel

Patagonia may be known for outdoor and performance gear, but that doesn’t mean their products aren’t designed with style in mind. Patagonia’s fleece, jackets, sweaters and more are great options for a business casual wardrobe. With many color offerings and coordination men’s and women’s styles, Patagonia is a great option when it comes to choosing company apparel for your team. The Patagonia Better Sweater, the Nano Puff Vest, and the Micro-D Fleece Quarter Zip are a few great options for custom corporate apparel.

Most Popular Custom Patagonia Products

Check out a few of Patagonia’s most popular choices for corporate gifts. 

Custom Patagonia Better Sweaters

The low-impact process for this soft sweater gives sustainable a new meaning. Perfect for an outdoor event or corporate retreat, the one-of-a-kind company look of group Patagonia Better Sweaters create a clean-cut feel with a business casual look overall.


Custom Patagonia Nano Puff Vests

These custom Patagonia puffer vests and jackets use 100% recycled polyester PrimaLoft insulation to pack tons of warmth into a lightweight packable style. The outside of these products is made from a weather-resistant shell that staves off water and wind, but still breathes when you're working hard. 


Custom Patagonia Refugio Backpacks

Offering two main compartments along with an external opening to ensure you keep all of your goods properly organized, the corporate Patagonia Black Refugio II 28L Backpack can conquer it all. 


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