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Motivating your team to make health and fitness a priority is essential for any company that wants to be successful in this competitive world. Fit employees are more productive than those who aren't, and they're healthier and happier too! But how do you motivate your employees to take their health seriously? In this article, we'll discuss some of the most effective ways that you can help inspire your colleagues to pursue a healthier lifestyle.

Why corporate health and wellness is important

In 2023 it’s now clear that health and wellness needs to be a priority for businesses. It can help prevent illness, reduce absenteeism, and improve productivity in the workplace. However, it can be difficult to get employees to take their health and fitness seriously. This can be especially true for younger employees who don’t think about these things as much yet.

If you want your company to thrive in the coming years—and attract the best talent—you need to take corporate health and wellness seriously. In fact, it’s one of the best ways that employers can show they care about their workers’ well-being both inside and outside of work hours.

Health and Wellness Program Ideas

Benefits of a healthier workforce

Everyone wants their colleagues to be happy and healthy. The good news is that happy and healthy employees create a healthier business too! Here are some of the primary ways that a healthy team can benefit your business.

Increased productivity

When an employee feels better physically, they tend to perform better at work. A healthier workforce leads directly to increased productivity and profitability (not only because of decreased sick days but because people who exercise regularly have sharper minds). This can also lead directly back into your company's bottom line in terms of higher sales figures and thus higher profits. That's why it pays off not only as an individual benefit but also as an organizational one!

Reduced absenteeism and lower turnover rate.

 In addition to being more productive at work when feeling good physically, workers who participate in any sort of corporate wellness program report fewer sick days on average than those who don't participate—and thus miss less time from work for illness-related reasons.

Lower insurance premiums

When employees are healthier, they use less medical care and thus the company's health insurance premiums are lower than they would be if the employees weren't participating in wellness programs. This is true regardless of whether or not you offer a wellness program as part of your corporate benefits package.

How to get your co-workers on board

Making your company’s health and fitness program a success is all about getting everyone on board. If you want to get your coworkers involved, start by asking them for their help. It can be as easy as asking someone to help you plan the event or promote it, or it could be more involved, like asking your coworkers to serve as judges for an obstacle course race (or even better: ask them to participate in the obstacle course race).

Here are some additional tips to get people involved

  • Make it fun
  • Make it competitive
  • Make it easy to participate
  • Make it rewarding
  • Be consistent

Let your team track their progress with fitness trackers

Give everyone in the ability to monitor their progress and performance with an activity tracker device. This can be a Fitbit, an Apple Watch or a Garmin watch, or something else entirely. You can even add your company logo and distribute them as corporate gifts!

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Just get everyone on board with tracking their fitness goals and progress. It’s important that you do this because it will help them realize how much they’re moving around and what they can improve upon when it comes to their health and fitness goals.

After setting your company up with a wearable device that tracks steps taken, calories burned, sleep patterns and more (depending on what kind of tracker you choose), make sure each person has the app downloaded onto their phone so they can set goals for themselves and monitor their activity levels throughout the day (or week—or month!).

Company fitness challenge ideas

There are tons of great ways to motivate your company to get fit. A good way to start is with team building activities. Team members can participate in fun fitness challenges that will allow them to bond over something outside of their day-to-day responsibilities. You could also create competitions between departments or set up an incentive program for losing weight. If you want to get really competitive, offer prizes for winning the challenge—or make it about attendance by offering prizes for those who attend as often as possible!

How to Launch a Health and Wellness Program at Work

Company fitness incentives

While improving their health and fitness might be enough for some, others might not be motivated to participate in a company fitness program without some type of incentive. An incentive can be as simple as a free lunch for everyone who participates in the program, or it could be more complex and include things like reduced health insurance premiums for those who meet their health and fitness goals.

Most companies decide to at least give out some branded fitness apparel and accessories for those who participate in the challenge. However, some companies choose to give incentives only to those who win the competition, while others may offer them to every member of the team that wins. The choice is yours!

Custom company logo health and fitness incentive reward ideas

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By taking action to promote wellness and fitness, your company will be more productive and happier. It’s also a great way to show employees that you care about them as individuals and not just as cogs in the corporate machine! Contact us with any questions on ordering your custom logo fitness incentive rewards prizes!