Custom Apparel and Accessory Fashion Trends for Winter 2022 – 2023

Fashion trends are constantly changing so it's important to stay up to date on current trends before ordering both custom apparel and corporate gifts. You don't want to put your company logo on something that's gone out of style! Follow along for all the latest apparel and gift style, color, and pattern trends for winter 2022 - 2023.

Custom Eco-Friendly Apparel and Gifts

Making choices that are good for the environment should have always been the trendy thing to do, but sustainable clothing and accessories are finally just gaining mainstream popularity thanks to brands like Patagonia and S'well. At Merchology we are doing our part by launching our Sustainability Collection. Check out the Guide to Custom Eco-Friendly Products to see how you can shop sustainably.


Our Most Sustainable Brands

 Patagonia Corporate LogoSwell Corporate LogoOsprey Corporate Logoeconscious Corporate LogoParkland Corporate LogoThe North Face Corporate LogoRuMe Corporate LogoWoodchuck Corporate LogoZusa Corporate Logo

Comfort-First Clothing

It makes a lot of sense that comfy corporate apparel is becoming increasingly popular in the workplace. You feel the best when you're comfortable and you work the best when you feel good. Unless you're going to be meeting face to face with clients all day then what's the use of uncomfortable suits and formalwear? The trend of comfy apparel goes by many names - athleisure apparel, street to studio, activewear, loungewear. We'll just call it the new business casual.

Custom Zusa Peachy TeeChampion Women's Black Originals French Terry Jogger 

Our Most Comfortable Brands

 Zusa Brand LogoNike Corporate LogoPatagonia Corporate LogoChampion Corporate LogoChampion Corporate LogoMizzen and Main LogoPeter Millar Corporate LogoThe North Face Corporate LogoBella and Canvas Corporate Logo

Wellness and Personal Care Products

Self care, health, and wellness products never really gained traction as corporate gifts or promotional products until this year. Personal care, especially at home, took off in 2019 and so did the popularity of products like bath bombs, bath salts, candles, robes, face masks, and beauty products.

Leed's Lavender Tranquility Spa Scent KitLeed's Natural Tranquility 3-Piece Spa Scent Gift SetPort Authority Deep Smoke Plush Microfleece Shawl Collar Robe

Custom Flannels

Flannels were widely considered to be too informal for business attire for a long time, so they were a bit late to the corporate apparel scene. With a more relaxed corporate culture custom logo flannels are more popular than ever. Same thing goes for custom blankets for those drafty offices!

Burnside Men's Red and Black Buffalo Long Sleeve Flannel ShirtField & Co. Blue Plaid Sherpa Blanket

Custom Puffer Jackets and Puffer Vests

Custom puffer jackets and logo-branded puffer vests are the best of both worlds. They use quilted fabric to provide tons of warmth without any unnecessary bulkiness. Some of the most popular brands for custom insulated puffer jackets and puffer vests are Patagonia, Spyder, and The North Face.

The North Face Men's Black Thermoball VestSpyder Women's Black and Red Supreme Puffer jacket

Color and Pattern Trends

Colors, color schemes, and patterns go in and out of style just as much as clothing styles and brands do. Remember how colorful the 80s were compared to the 90s? Let's take a look at the top trending color schemes and patterns for 2021.

Tonal Colors

Tonal colors can also be thought of as subtle variations of the same color, like the various shades of pink seen below. This style trend is especially relevant when it comes to branding and personalization. For example, more companies than ever are trying to make their brand logo blend in rather than stand out by using tonal embroidery or printing ink.

Tonal Colors

Black and White

This might be the only color scheme that never completely goes out of style, but it's definitely becoming more popular. People like a simple and clean look, especially when it comes to accessories and electronics.

Black and White Products

Plaid and Flannel

We touched on flannel as an apparel style and fabric, but not as a pattern. Flannel and plaid patterns are becoming increasingly popular for more than just clothing, so it's safe to assume that the pattern itself is trending in addition to the apparel style.

Flannel Products


Marble has always had a classy vibe to it, so it makes sense that manufacturers have started using marble patterns to class up their products. Marble has really only gained popularity with hard goods and has really taken off for drinkware and phone cases.

Marble Products

Wood and Natural Accents

There's something comforting about natural elements like wood grain, isn't there? Maybe it's the familiarity or the timelessness. Whatever the case, accessories like tumblers, water bottles, notebooks, and journals look great with natural tones and colors. They also are a subtle pattern, so they don't overwhelm your company logo!

Woodgrain Products

Next Steps

Follow these trends and you'll have the most up-to-the-minute fashionable corporate apparel and gifts selection in town! For more trending fashions check out our brand new 2019 Holiday Lookbook and Winter 2020 Lookbook. Happy Shopping!