Corporate Logo Fitbit Smartwatches

Corporate Logo Fitbit Smartwatches

Corporate Logo Fitbit Watches

After what the world’s been through these past couple of years, companies are prioritizing environmental responsibility, mental health and employee well-being now more than ever. That’s why personalized smartwatches for employees make such fantastic gifts. With custom Fitbit smartwatches, you can help employees practice good habits while connecting with one another.

What is a Fitbit Smartwatch?

Custom Fitbit smartwatches record movement throughout the day, whether you don’t have a spare second for a workout or you’re heading out on a 10-mile hike. Logging steps, distance, calories burnt, active minutes, heart rate and more with logo-branded Fitbits gives employees insight into their physical activity and overall wellness, allowing them to rest and recover when needed or amp up exercise to meet goals. 

Fitbit’s personalized smartwatches for employees sync to the dedicated Fitbit app, storing all activity metrics so that users can see changes and patterns over time. Plus, the app has additional tools for food, water and weight tracking. Wearing the smartwatch to bed also provides insight into sleep hygiene, and there are guided workouts and healthy recipes available for Premium subscribers. 

Popular Custom Fitbit Smartwatches

Two of the most popular types of Fitbit corporate smartwatches are the Custom Fitbit Versa 2  and the Inspire HR. Let’s go over each one so you can choose the best custom Fitbit smartwatches for your team.

Custom Logo Fitbit Versa 2 Smartwatch

Coming in black, gray and pink, the custom Logo Fitbit Versa 2 is compatible with Android and iOS devices. The water-resistant design means you don’t have to worry about working up a sweat or getting stuck in the rain. Set up notifications for calendar, email and social networking alerts, along with text messages; built-in Amazon Alexa means your watch will respond to voice controls, too. One of the most convenient features of this custom smart watch is SmartTrack, which auto-recognizes and records exercises – so if you forget to set your workout session when you head out for a run or hike, your custom Fitbit Versa 2 will take care of tracking for you.


Custom Logo Fitbit Versa 2 Smartwatch

Corporate Fitbit Inspire HR Fitness Tracker

With an appearance that’s more similar to a traditional fitness tracker than a watch, the corporate Fitbit Inspire HR Fitness Tracker comes in black or white. Like the Versa, the Inspire also has auto-workout detection and sleep-tracking. You can stay connected to your activity levels and on track with your goals, all while wearing a smartwatch with a slimmer profile.


Corporate Fitbit Inspire HR Fitness Tracker

How Can I Customize Fitbit Fitness Trackers for Corporate Gifts?

With the custom-logo Fitbit Versa 2, your logo can be laser-engraved on the silicone band. We recommend going with the black version because the recipient won’t be tempted to swap out the goes-with-anything color for another band, meaning your logo will always be prominently displayed.

On the corporate branded Inspire HR Fitness Tracker, your logo will also be added to the band, and you can choose black or white printing. Consider this when deciding which band color to opt for – the black band will have a white logo, and the white band will have a black logo.

Plan an Employee Fitness Challenge!

Now that everyone has their own custom fitness tracker, you can encourage them to get moving, see how their performance is improving and maybe even compete with one another (with heaps of sportsmanship, of course). Having an employee fitness challenge – or several – encourages healthy habits as well as employee bonding.

You can’t just invite everyone to a race and hope enough people show up to call it a team, though. And you can’t require employees to participate in a fitness challenge, either. What you can do is make getting active so appealing that they want to join in. Having a breadth of choices – ranging from “Walk 8K steps every day this month” to “Cycle 100 miles this weekend” engages just about everyone, regardless of their fitness level.

You’ll also want to create a central hub where you and your employees can go to see available challenges, track progress and interact with other participants. It can be as simple as a Google Sheet or a Slack channel or as advanced as corporate challenge software

Major bonus: On top of all the fun and team-building benefits of an employee fitness challenge, investing in wellness can reduce healthcare costs for your company. Plus, when employees are healthier overall, they take fewer sick days, which means productivity may increase.

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