Company Branded Tool Belts and Bags

Company Branded Tool Belts and Bags

Custom Bags Tool Belts With Your Company Logo

Having a do-it-yourself attitude means there are very few projects you won’t be game to tackle. And if you’re handy on top of that, even better! But without a place to store all of the necessities, those projects can become headaches fast.

Custom tool bags are simply perfect for team members and clients who love DIY projects. Think of employees who just bought a new home, are getting ready to move, or are about to be married. Plus, there are a few industries where custom tool bags are always a great idea, like construction, contracting, and interior design.

We’ve put together a selection of long-lasting, high-quality corporate tool bags that will be useful for years to come.

Custom Carhartt Brown Signature Standard Tool Belt

The custom Carhartt Brown Signature Standard Tool Belt makes it convenient to perform any construction, DIY, or maintenance task, thanks to its six compartments, two side pockets, and carrying loops, including a hammer loop. Upload your logo to create personalized tool belts, which will help with advertising, of course, but also make them easier to identify when on a job site. Also, the Rain Defender finish means the custom Carhartt Signature Standard Tool Belt is water-repellant, so it can be used outdoors even in less-than-perfect weather.

Corporate Carhartt Brown Tool Pouch

The light brown branded Carhartt Tool Pouch is surprisingly attractive, considering it's for tool organization and not casual daytime use. There are enough slots to organize a full range of tools, including a dedicated measuring tape section and a tape chain. Carry it with either the short-haul handle or the longer, adjustable shoulder strap — whichever is most comfortable. Rain Defender water repellent keeps gear protected even in inclement weather, and a tastefully sized logo can be placed in the center of the front pouch.


Custom Carhartt Brown Tool Pouch

Logo-Branded Carhartt Brown Signature Tool Roll

Not all tool rolls are as convenient as they're intended to be, but the logo-branded Carhartt Brown Signature Tool Roll is different. There are 18 pockets of varying sizes to fit a large assortment of tools, small and large, and there are an additional three side pockets with closures. Two buckles keep everything packed up nicely until it’s time to jump into a project. Showcase your brand by adding a logo to the center of the roll, right on the front, between the buckles, and below the handle. And like the other Carhartt items on this list, the custom Carhartt Tool Roll is protected with the Rain Defender water-repellent finish.

Corporate Carhartt Brown Signature Tool Roll

Custom Carhartt Black Foundry Series 14” Tool Bag

The custom Carhartt Black Foundry Series 14" Tool Bag is larger in size than many other tool carriers, and it has a main opening that's large enough to fit a cordless drill. Additional tools can be stored in the six exterior pockets or six interior loops. Made from heavy-duty polyester with a water-repellent finish and an abrasion-resistant base, this bag is tough enough to bring to any construction site – though it may remain at home for house repairs and DIY projects, of course. An interior metal frame in the main compartment helps the bag keep its shape and offers plenty of space when looking for a tool. Plus, promote your brand by adding customization to your Carhartt logo-embroidered tool bags.

logo-Branded Carhartt Black Foundry Series 14" Tool Bag

Logo-Branded Bullet Black with Yellow Trim 23-Piece Tool Set

Sometimes, it's nice to give away company tool set gifts with the tools actually included! The branded Bullet Black with Yellow Trim 23-Piece Tool Set has an assortment of carbon steel tools that are useful to always have on hand, such as Allen wrenches, a bit driver and a bit holder, a level, screwdrivers, and bits, sockets, and a tape measure. The pouch zippers shut to keep everything inside safe, and there's an open top pocket to easily access documents you've stashed. A color screen print can be added to the custom tool pouch, too.

Custom Bullet Black with Yellow Trim 23-Piece Tool Set

Corporate Bucket Boss Brown Tool Pouch with Flap Fit

The corporate logo Bucket Boss Brown Tool Pouch with Flap Fit is another excellent-looking tool bag. Nine pockets offer plenty of space to organize work tools, and there are eight interior loops for even more storage. There’s also a clip for a tape measure and web loops for tape rolls. Most importantly, your brand’s logo can go on the top of the branded Bucket Boss Brown Tool Pouch so it’s always noticeable. 

Branded Bucket Boss Brown Tool Pouch with Flap Fit

Note that this item is sold blank and that you can add your logo on your own, as there’s plenty of space for it.

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